Enjoy Cupcakes

Ok, I think we are in love! Amber Joy Vander, along with her adoring husband Kevin Vander Vliet, are the owners of Enjoy Cupcakes! Located in Los Olivos, Califonia, this is no ordinary cupcake bakery. This is a sweet, charming, cupcakery that will serve the guests at your party, shower or wedding from their restored vintage Shasta trailer!

Enjoy Cupcakes offers six different flavors each week to their customers. Two of the flavors are wine-infused, one of them always being their signature Chocolate Blackberry Syrah cupcake.

Amber just seems like the sweetest person, her family is just adorable and her cupcakes are just so unique and look absolutely delicious! We know that if we lived in California we would be visiting her very...very often!
Please take the time to watch this amazing 8mm video on Enjoy Cupcake's website at
(Images Jose Villa)


Brandi said...

What a fabulous idea! I love this post, I'm sure the wine infused cupcakes are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

Oliver Maurice said...

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