Ode to the Donut

Ok, if you know me you know that I love, ok I’m obsessed, with donuts. Who could resist deep fried dough rolled in sugary sweetness or lightly blanketed with a velvety glaze. Not to mention the chocolate covered donut filled with luscious pastry crème or the sugar dusted donut filled with sweet, fruity jelly! I could go on and on.

Well, with the popularity of sweet and dessert tables, we love the idea of adding donuts into the mix! Some couples are even opting for donuts in lieu of the traditional wedding cake! Would you ever think that donuts could look so dainty and elegant?

How tempting do these donuts look as part of a dessert table!
Image 1 via projectwedding.com, Image 2 via marthastewart.com

This beautifully presented, delicious tray of donuts was served to guests at a wedding!
Image via Divine Order Photography

How about serving a comforting after dinner coffee drink, with mini donuts!
Image via marthastewart.com


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Donuts and Cotton Candy!!! Can we have another baby shower!! Hahaha...I love this blog! :) I can already see some wonderful birthday parties in the future for my little angel!

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