Alice in Wonderland Inspiration

Who doesn’t get lost in the whimsical imagery of Alice in Wonderland? A movie where children can be pulled into a marvellous dream world and adults can relive a childlike sense of wonder!

We’ve created a line of invitations and cards with our own fanciful twist on Alice in Wonderland,
“Alice's Sweet Wonderland”!

Here is a bit of inspiration to go along with your Alice in Cupcakeland themed party or shower!

Photo credits (left to right):, miniature cake shop,, martha stewart,, party spot, etsy the sugaredribbon's shop, martha stewart, hello naomi, lollipop events


lyndsay said...

hi gals! congrats on the cute biz and your adorable illustrations. thanks for the email, and all the best in your business!

lyndsay :)

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